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Traveling and Flying with Hula Hoops

Flying with Hula Hoops

As hoopers we know that when you take that upcoming trip you are going to NEED your hoop. Below are our tips and suggestions for flying with hula hoops so that you don’t have any trouble with the airport authorities, your hoops arrive safe, and you can enjoy your flight stress free.

CollapsiblehoopTraveling with a 4 way Collapsible Hoop Easily strapped to the side of a backpack or can also often be brought as carry on. You may still also want to have a bag covering this style of hoop to protect it during travel.* Know that the airline may make the choice to see your hoop as a weapon. So far this is uncommon but there is a chance your hoop may be confiscated as the pointed ends could be considered dangerous by security members.
flying with hula hoops Infinity Style FoldableThese style hoops are easy to carry but depending on your hoop size they may be too big for carry on. Check with the airline and find the dimensions you’re allowed. This hoop can either be put into a bag and checked individually or you can wrap it up and strap it to your other luggage. Tie it on tightly and try to snug it up close to your bag so it doesn’t hang off and could potentially get caught coming through the conveyer belts. If you can’t get your hoop secured well enough ask if the airline has a large plastic bag, they can cover the entire bag and this will help keep all your things together.
flying with hula hoops Coil Down Hoops These style hoops are easy to carry but depending on your hoop size they may be too big for carry on. Check with the airline and find the dimensions you’re allowed. The great thing about these though is that you can adjust the size a bit more than an infinity style hoop. If you have several coil down hoops, try connecting the ends and seeing how small you can coil them. Be careful though, the more you coil them the more stress you put on the tubing and this will cause kinks in your hoops. Bring along some extra hoop tape or rope to tie them together in several locations.

flying with hula hoops Checking into the Undercarriage Using collapsible or coil down hoops are great because they are smaller, easier to manage and you will not run the risk of being charged for over sized baggage. When checking into undercarriage be sure to have a bag for your hoops, flights may decline your hoops or have you sign a damage waiver if they are not properly covered or padded. Having a bag for your hoops will smooth the check-in process and cause fewer questions or concerns. For added protection wrap or hoops with extra clothing, scarfs or towels before putting into your hoop bag.

Keeping your Hoops Safe!
Round Hoop Bag – Consider wrapping with scarfs or fabric for extra padding. Wrapping with scarfs and fabric then taping or tying to secure. Bubble wrapping (It quite wasteful and difficult to remove and use again for the trip back) Hoop Huggieshulahoopbag

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flying with hula hoops Bringing your Hoop as a Carry OnYou will need to check with the airline to find out the dimensions you can bring on board but shoot for a diameter smaller then 25”. Sometimes if they will not fit into the overhead compartments they can be placed in one of the flight crews storage spaces.If you have multiple coiling hoops consider connecting them together.* Tie them together at two points to keep them in place. Depending on the size you may be able to coil it down all the way so it can connect again, if not, tape it together semi coiled or use an extra piece of tubing to extend the length enough to join the ends together.* Remember not to over coil and put stress on your hoops as it will damage and weaken the tubing causing kinks.
flying with hula hoops Fire HoopsIf you are traveling with a fire hoop you may want to take some extra precaution. It is not recommended to bring a fire hoop as a carry on as it will have to go through security and they may be concerned about residue fuel on your wicks. Wrap cellophane or tightly wrap plastic bags around your wicks. Be sure the wicks are covered as they will be less likely to draw attention to your hoops. If you are using removable quick wicks, have them removed, in a tightly sealed plastic bag and ideally in a separate piece of luggage from your hoops; again since hoops tend to draw attention to themselves your hoop bag may get an extra search and so having your wicks in your regular undercarriage will make them pass through with less attention.
flying with hula hoops LED Hoops Security may be curious about why the hoops have wiring and batteries inside. If this happens explain that they light up and offer to turn them on and show them that the lights are functional.
Other General Tips:
When people ask what’s in the bag, smile and say, “They’re hula hoops!” as soon as you get a funny look, this will diffuse their curiosity. Consider making a gyrating gesture with your hips if in a non-english speaking country. If you will be traveling with a tent you might consider using a pop tent. They are round and could also be carried in your hoop bag.In general having a bag will protect your hoops and help people to take you more seriously; making the check-in process easier.Be ready to pay extra! If you are carrying full sized hoops you will be asked to put them in the oversized baggage and depending on the airline may be charged extra due to their size. Bring extra cash or have a credit card with you to cover these additional charges.

Have you ever travelled with your hoops?

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