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Teacher Training Hoop Dance Certification FAQs

Hoop Dance CertificationHello Hoopers, 

It is common to have a lot of questions when first looking into hoop dance certification. Below are some of the key questions people have when first beginning their research. Feel free to post below with other other questions you have about hoop dance certification and I’ll do my best to answer them! 

Much love,

Do I have to be certified to teach hooping?

No. Certification is not mandatory and Hula Hoop City promotes the idea that certification should never be mandatory for hooping. If you want to take training and certification it should be because you want to improve as an instructor and increase your skills to benefit your students not just to get a piece of ‘paper.’


Why should I take a hoop teacher training?

Teacher training programs will help you create a successful and positive learning environment for your students while increasing your confidence in the classroom. Many programs offer their own sample lesson plans to help you get started without the stress of developing an entire curriculum from scratch. As well they can help you to learn how to feel comfortable, stay organized, and effectively facilitate a group. Some programs may also provide details on developing your own business and tips for working as an entrepreneur. For experienced instructors who already have their own lesson plans, taking a teacher training can help to re-inspire you with new ideas, concepts, and challenges for both yourself and your students. 

How do I decide which program is right for me?

Unlike the Yoga Alliance which has created an approval system for yoga teacher trainings, there is currently no governing body for hoop dance certification. (Which is probably for the best!) What this means is that you’ll have to do some research to determine if the program you are interested in is a quality program. We recommend reading about the program on their website to see what kind of material they offer, asking online in Facebook groups for feedback on various trainings, and checking to see if the program offers a money back guarantee should you not be satisfied. 

Ultimately it’s most important that you find a program that is right for you. Some trainings have a specific focus and some are more generalized. For example, some trainings are more fitness focused, dance focused, trick focused, or even business focused. In the end it all depends on which program feels right for you and perhaps even which teacher is the one that you connect with the best. If you like their teaching or hooping style, chances are, you’ll like the program they’ve developed.

Will I need other certifications?

Depending on what country you live or the venue where you are instructing you may need to have more than just a hoop dance certification. Generally if you are booking out a studio space you will not need any certification, however if you are looking to teach hooping at a fitness gym, YMCA, or similar facility, they often require you to have additional training. This may include a Group Fitness Certification,  your basic CPR, and First Aid Training. To find out what you will need we recommend asking your local gym or YMCA what fitness certification they require of their instructors. Doing a quick Google Search of “Group Fitness Certifications” should pull up programs for your country. Also ask the gym which program they might recommend and find out which is most popular or most recognized in your region. Fitness certificates can be incredibly beneficial if you want to teach fitness style hooping and also can provide you with an in-depth study into anatomy. In general, if you are interested in being a body worker, then taking a group fitness instructor training is just one more resource and bundle of tools to add to your toolbox.  

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What other questions do you have about hoop dance certification?
Ask below and I can update the FAQs.  

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