Hoop Dancing

Hoop Dance: 8 Tips on Finding time for Hooping

Does it feel like you can’t fit a hoop dance session into your day? Hooping regularly can brighten your mood and leaving you energized for the day. Here are 8 tips on how to find the time to hoop.  Let yourself enjoy that blissful post-flow feeling just a little bit more often! Much love, Safire #1. Rise & Shine Hoop Dance: Make hooping your morning ritual. What are some of the first things that you already do in the morning?  See if you can tie and connect hooping to that habit. Do you start your day with a hot coffee or tea?  Put you hoop in the kitchen before heading to bed and hoop it up while the kettle boils! #2. Anywhere & Everywhere: Get yourself a collapsible hoop and strap it to your purse. Having a hoop with you at all times, means whenever you have down time you c...

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