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Teacher Training Hoop Dance Certification FAQs

Hello Hoopers,  It is common to have a lot of questions when first looking into hoop dance certification. Below are some of the key questions people have when first beginning their research. Feel free to post below with other other questions you have about hoop dance certification and I’ll do my best to answer them!  Much love, Safire Do I have to be certified to teach hooping? No. Certification is not mandatory and Hula Hoop City promotes the idea that certification should never be mandatory for hooping. If you want to take training and certification it should be because you want to improve as an instructor and increase your skills to benefit your students not just to get a piece of ‘paper.’ Why should I take a hoop teacher training? Teacher training programs will help y...

5 Tips for Saving Money as a Hoop Performer

Hello Hoop Performers! Working as a performer is like a dream come true. Running away to the circus and beginning a life as a hoop performer can be an incredible journey. Unfortunately, when you’re first starting out, it can be hard to book enough performances and get enough work to fully sustain yourself. Below are my best tips to help you save the money you do make, so you get the most out of each gig.  I’ve been working full time as a professional hoop dancer since 2007. For more information on working as a hoop dancer performer check out my online Performance Training available through www.HoopingClasses.com (It’s launching publicly on December 1st, 2016) Much love and all the best of your incredible journey! Safire 1. Get your costs covered! When you are communicatin...

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