Hoop Bags

Hula Hoop Bags – Hoop Huggies, Carriers, & Straps

Hoops, hoops, and more hoops! As time goes by it can be easier and easier to collect more and more hoops. I recently did a Google search for “Hula Hoop Bags” but unfortunately most of what came up was just details and images of Chanel’s Hula Hoop Bag. (pictured on the right).  Below are some great bag options for carrying your hoops. “They come in all shapes and sizes!!” No, they don’t. Just different sizes. Same shape. The shape we love.  😉 Much love,  Safire   Hula Hoop Backpack Accessories If you don’t need a hoop bag but need a way to easily carry your hoop, using a hoop carrying accessory is a great way to get around. Check out these two great options on Etsy.  Hoop Loops by FreestyleSpirals Hula Hoop Carrying Straps by WhirlandDirvish   ...

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