gogo hooping

10 Tips for Hooping at the Bar

Hello Hoopers, It’s a Friday night and you want to get your dance on. You’re going out and of course you want to bring your hoop along! The unfortunate thing is some bars and clubs have stopped letting hula hoops inside. The worst thing that can happen is to have a bar officially decide to never allow hoopers to bring in a hoop again. Once the decision to coat check hoops have been made, then that location might never be hoop friendly again. So below are some basic hooper etiquette tips to follow when bringing your hoop out in public for the night. If we all hoop respectfully around others than together we can keep hoops allowed in public spaces.  Much love, Safire Tips for Hooping in a Bar 1. Get there early: If you like dancing in a club or bar environment you’re best t...

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