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Hooping TED Talks

Hello Hoopers, Have you ever wanted to do a TED Talk? If you have; you can imagine how scary of an experience it might be. Do you know what you would say? If you were invited to provide a TED Talk, wh...Read More

Beginner Hooping Tutorial – The Helicopter

Already know The Helicopter?  Go right to 4:12 in the video to see an advanced variation on how to get an extra spin in the front as you pass your hoop. I made a tutorial for this move years ago in 20...Read More

How long can you hula hoop for?

  When you get into hooping it’s only a matter of time before someone comes up to you and asks you this question. STRANGER: “How long can you hula hoop for?” ME: “Do you mean w...Read More

How to pick an LED Hula Hoop

Hello Hoopers! So you want to buy an LED hula hoop! YAAAAA! Oh it’s exciting! “But wait. How do I pick one??” There are lots of things to consider when buying an LED hula hoop. Below is a list of ques...Read More

Hooping Clothes and Costume Shop Directory

3rd Earth Fireproof – Male/Female Fireproof Clothing Abstractika Art Work – Women’s Flow Clothing, Jewelry Accentuates Clothing – Women’s Flow Clothing, Stretch and Natur...Read More

Hula Hooping Music Playlists – 2016

Hello Hoopers!  Every so often I run out of inspiring music… It sucks when this happens. Seriously. Good music can do AMAZING things to your hooping. So below are a series of monthly playlists t...Read More

Hooping in 2015

Hooping in 2015

Hoop Dance Retreats

Attending one of the many hoop dance retreats, fire dance festivals, or juggling conventions can be a great way to expand your skills, develop new interest in other props, and make new friends! There ...Read More

How to Make a Hula Hoop

There are a lot of different ways how to make a hula hoop, in the end it all depends on the kind of hula hoop you want. Whether it is collapsible, a sectional, or a tandem hula hoop, these tutorials b...Read More

How to Make a Hula Hoop Bag

There are a lot of different ways to carry your hoops and several different kinds of Hoop Bags. Hoop bags are great when traveling or flying with hula hoops. How to Make a Hoop Bag Youtube Video: How ...Read More

Traveling and Flying with Hula Hoops

Flying with Hula Hoops As hoopers we know that when you take that upcoming trip you are going to NEED your hoop. Below are our tips and suggestions for flying with hula hoops so that you don’t h...Read More

How to Hula Hoop – Hooping FAQs

What is Hooping? Hooping is an emerging form of dance that uses more durable hoops then the popular Wham-O kid toy, the hula hoop. Learning how to hula hoop is just the beginning! Hooping is also ofte...Read More

New Site for Hoopers: Hula Hoop City

If you are new here, then welcome! This site was created after a previous site known simply as “Hoop City”. The original Hoop City was a popular online social networking site for hoopers t...Read More

Hooping in 2014

Major Events Major Videos Rachel Lust’s “Groove” video goes viral.                      

Hooping in 2013

Instagram Launches 15 Second Video Option  

Hooping in 2012

Hooping in 2012

Hooping in 2011

| January – Raw Art ‘Ring-O-Graphy’ video

Hooping in 2010

Hooping in 2010

Hooping in 2009

Safire’s launches ‘Love the Process’ video. | Launches – An online Social Networking Site for Hoopers

Hooping in 2008

Safire’s ‘Misery Business’ video goes viral on various sites.

Hooping in 2007

Hooping in 2007

Hooping in 2006

Hooping in 2006

Hooping in 2005

Hooping in 2005

Hooping in 2004

Hooping in 2004

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