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How to Make a Hula Hoop Bag

There are a lot of different ways to carry your hoops and several different kinds of Hoop Bags. Hoop bags are great when traveling or flying with hula hoops. How to Make a Hoop Bag Youtube Video: How to make a Hoop Bag How to Make a Hoop Huggie Youtube Video: How to make a Hoop Huggie

Traveling and Flying with Hula Hoops

Flying with Hula Hoops As hoopers we know that when you take that upcoming trip you are going to NEED your hoop. Below are our tips and suggestions for flying with hula hoops so that you don’t have any trouble with the airport authorities, your hoops arrive safe, and you can enjoy your flight stress free. Traveling with a 4 way Collapsible Hoop Easily strapped to the side of a backpack or can also often be brought as carry on. You may still also want to have a bag covering this style of hoop to protect it during travel.* Know that the airline may make the choice to see your hoop as a weapon. So far this is uncommon but there is a chance your hoop may be confiscated as the pointed ends ...Read More

How to Hula Hoop – Hooping FAQs

What is Hooping? Hooping is an emerging form of dance that uses more durable hoops then the popular Wham-O kid toy, the hula hoop. Learning how to hula hoop is just the beginning! Hooping is also often referred to as Hoop Dancing. This movement is growing in popularity by incredible numbers as people pick up the hoop for all kinds of different reasons. Some love it for the childlike memories that is relives, others enjoy the physical connection and enjoy the health and exercise benefits of the hoop. Regardless of what brings you into the hoop, we can all agree that hooping is a fun filled activity that will leave you smiling. The hoop itself has a long history, which pre-dates the 1950s hula...Read More

New Site for Hoopers: Hula Hoop City

If you are new here, then welcome! This site was created after a previous site known simply as “Hoop City”. The original Hoop City was a popular online social networking site for hoopers than ran from 2009 – 2015. In the last of it’s years the company that provided the back end for the site was sold and the site became increasingly difficult to upgrade and functionality was lost. Hoop City lost it’s popularity as Facebook began to offer groups and other mobile networking sites increased in popularity. It is with a heavy heart that the decision was made to close down the existing Hoop City and launch this new site on a different platform. We have had to completel...Read More

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