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Men’s Festival Clothing and Rave Costumes

Hello Hoopers, 

Let’s be honest, girls get TONS of options when it comes to what we can wear. All my guy friends complain about the struggle of finding cool things to wear for festivals and dance parties. Below is a list of funky shops that sell mens clothing. Some have a steampunk, darker style, while others include bright and colourful rave wear.

Please share this page with your male party go-ers so they can have something fun to wear too!

Much love,

 3rd Earth Fireproof – Fireproof Clothing
Adnowapparel – Dark Alternative Leatherwear
Ahniradvanyi – Leather Bags, Hip Belts, Vests
Anahata – Organic Clothing and Accessories
Buddhaful – Jackets, Hoodies, Pants
EDM Sauce – Rave Wear, Bright Colours, Hoodies, Tanks, and Tees
Electro Threads – Rave Wear for Men, Bright Neon Colours
Emazing Lights – Mens Rave Clothing, LED Shirts, Bright Colours
Five and Diamond – Shirts, Belts, Shoes, and More.  
Fraggle Tribe – Clothing/Art
Harmonic Threads – Organic Hemp Clothing
IEDM – Rave Wear for Men, Bright Coloured Hoodies, Tees, Shades, etc.
iHeartRaves – Galaxy Pants, Psychedelic Tees, etc.
Inkspoon – Screen Printed Clothing
Jumbie Art – Digital Art Printed Clothing
Kayo Anime Clothing – Japanese and Street Inspired Clothing
Nomads Hemp Wear – Eco Friendly Alternative Clothing
Om Booty – Flow, Yoga, Festival, and Leather wear.
The Om Collection – Flow and Festival Wear
Om Gaia Tree – Flowy Festival Clothing
Oneiro Clothing – Edgy Clothing
Pheonix Rising Artists
Psylo – Male/Female Ethno Punk and Alternative Clothing
Rabbit and Empee – Male/Female Alternative Festival Clothing
Raver Swag – Full Suits with CRAZY PRINTS!
Rave Ready – Mens Raver Wear, Printed Tees
Rebels Market – Dark, Alternative Style, Tops, Jackets, Pants, etc.
Sea Dragon Studio – Shiny Holographic Clothing
Senjo Clothing – Alternative Hippy Clothing
Sha Creations –  Steampunk Clothing
Sykucio Design – Tops, Leather Hip Bags

Do you know a shop that sells men’s festival clothing?
Please share it below!

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