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Hello Hoopers! 

Every so often I run out of inspiring music… It sucks when this happens. Seriously.

I end up listening to the same songs over and over and my hoop jams not only get repetitive but sometimes I even get bored.

It’s AMAZING what good music can do for a hoop jam out and I’ve decided that I need to fix this problem in my practice. I have made it a plan to make myself playlists on a regular basis so that my practice doesn’t suffer due to my poor efforts in music selection. Not only will having fresh music help with jam sessions but music is a powerful memory trigger. How great is when song comes on and suddenly you have a flash of memories of a certain time in your life. Compiling regular playlists will be a fun way to mark point  my world with music over time.

If you’d like to follow me on SoundCloud my account is Safire Hoop Dance. Alternatively if you don’t have a SoundClound profile you can always join the Hula Hoop City Facebook Group as I’ll be posting whenever I launch a new hoop jam playlist. You don’t need a profile to listen to the playlists, which is awesome! Best of all, some songs are even DOWNLOADABLE!

Check out some of the playlists below, I’ll be adding new ones to this page, so be sure to check back every so often.  I’ll put the most recent playlists at the top. Hope you like ’em!

ALSO:  Feel free to comment below with DJs, artists, and songs that you love to hoop to!  I can never have too many recommendations!  😉

Much love and happy hooping, Safire

The Master Playlist

Master Hooping Playlist – Tons of Hoop Dance Songs – This playlist includes all the songs from the monthly playlists mixed together into one master list that you can put on shuffle while you jam for a wide range of awesome beats.

Downloadable Playlist

If you don’t have good data on your phone and would like to listen to the playlists offline check out this Soundcloud Downloader. Use this URL “” to download the master hooping playlist.


Monthly Playlists

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2016 Playlists

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