Sponsor a Contest Prize

55 copyHula Hoop City holds TONS of information on Hoop Dance, answering questions that many hoopers Google on a daily basis. We post new articles weekly and our site has continuous and daily traffic with both new and old hoopers. If you own a hoop shop, clothing shop, or other unique items that you’d like to promote to the hoop community, sponsoring a prize is a great way to get your name out there. Your prize could be used for one of out Monthly Hoop Challenges, a random contest, or for an annual celebration.

What do you get for sponsoring?

  1. Links to your site on the Contest Page when the contest is announced.
  2. Links to your site on the Winners Announcement Page.
  3. Announcements to our Facebook Hula Hoop City Group and Instagram Followers.
  4. Contests can run for a week to several weeks. (Monthly challenges run all month)
  5. Prizes are typically used in order they are donated/offered.
  6. After winners are announced you will receive information on how to contact the winner and it will be your task to ship them their beautiful new present!

To offer a prize message us at safire@safiredance.com
Thank you for your generosity.