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Hoop Accessories / Hula Hoop Merch

Hula Hoop Bags – Hoop Huggies, Carriers, & Straps

hula-hoop-bagsHoops, hoops, and more hoops!

As time goes by it can be easier and easier to collect more and more hoops. I recently did a Google search for “Hula Hoop Bags” but unfortunately most of what came up was just details and images of Chanel’s Hula Hoop Bag. (pictured on the right). 

Below are some great bag options for carrying your hoops.

“They come in all shapes and sizes!!”

No, they don’t. Just different sizes. Same shape. The shape we love.  😉

Much love, 

Hula Hoop Backpack Accessories


If you don’t need a hoop bag but need a way to easily carry your hoop, using a hoop carrying accessory is a great way to get around.

Check out these two great options on Etsy. 

Hoop Loops by FreestyleSpirals
Hula Hoop Carrying Straps by WhirlandDirvish


Hula Hoop Huggies

hula hoop huggie

Hula Hoop Huggies aren’t really a “bag” per say, but they will help to cover and protect your hoops during travel. Huggies are a strip of stretch fabric with an elastic band to wrap around your hoop. They allow you to carry your hoops over your shoulder. The only downside to this style of bag is that you can’t store anything inside the bag without the risk of it falling out. It is also not the best option for flying with hula hoops but is a less expensive and compact bag option. Do a search on Etsy for Hula Hoop Huggies.


Collapsible Hula Hoop Bags

hula-hoop-bagsCollapsible hoop bags are a great option is you have hoops that either coil down infinity style or that break down into 4-6 sections. Check out these great collapsible hoop bag options below. 

Circular Bags:
This sleek looking Collapsible Hoop Bag from Marawa The Amazing fits 6 hoops plus other small items in the centre of the bag, adjustable straps, and optional black, leopard, or cheetah print.

The Hula Hoop Hand Bag from CitivaCreationz fits 3-4 collapsible hoops, can be worn like a purse or a backpack, and comes in four bright and colourful patterns.

This Hula Hoop Backpack from FlowerCityThreads fits 2 mini hoops or one infinity style collapsible hoop and comes in variety of colors.

Straight Bags for Sectional Collapsible Hoops:
For hoops that break down into 4-6 different sections you can use other bags that are designed to carry different items. For example, Yoga Mat Bags can work well for this style of collapsible hoop, just be sure the check that the bag’s length is long enough before you purchase. Also check out this custom made hoop bag from TetonHoops.

Circular Hula Hoop Bags


Circular hula hoop bags are great because you can still carry you hoops like you normally would up on your shoulder, the bags tend to be less bulky than full hoop bags, and you’re less likely to full it up with a bunch of things in the middle like a giant cluttered purse.   

The Hoop Onsies by – They have multiple size options and even have a Padded Hoop Bag option!  It’s designed for their LED lyra but if you want to protect your LED hoops while traveling, this is an awesome choice. Can fit up to 8 hoops.

The Big Hoop Bag from Marawa The Amazing is a much bigger hoop bag and is ideal for teachers & multi hoopers as it can store up to 50 hula hoops!!

Full Hula Hoop Bags

hula-hoop-bagsFull hula hoop bags can sometimes be more bulky than the circular bags, however since they are fully enclosed bags they allow you to store other items in the centre of the bag. These are great for flying as it can help you store more for your trip. If you’re already paying for oversized luggage you might as well get the most out of it!  

This Large Canvas Hula Hoop Bag from ModekDesigns has 5 star reviews, pockets, and a durable design. 

Another great Full Hoop Bag can be found from Juggle Gear, it’s durable, slightly padded, has two different styles of carrying straps, a small inside pocket, and a clear slot to put in your personal contact information should your bag be misplaced. 

Where do you get your Hula Hoop Bags?

Also check out our articles on How to Make a Hula Hoop Bag and Flying with Hula Hoops.

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