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Hoop Tips and Tricks / Making Hoops

How to Make a Hula Hoop

There are a lot of different ways how to make a hula hoop, in the end it all depends on the kind of hula hoop you want. Whether it is collapsible, a sectional, or a tandem hula hoop, these tutorials below will help you get started. Check back to this page every so often as we update the content with new tutorials, ideas, and resources on how to make your own hula hoops. Why do hoopers tend to make their own hula hoops or buy them off a hoop maker? Because regular dollar store hoops are either too light for a beginner (who needs the extra weight/size of the hoop to help them learn core hooping) OR dollar store hoops are just too flimsy for advanced hoopers who just end up breaking them after only a few hoop sessions. If you have a suffusion for a hoop making tutorial please comment below and share a link to the tutorial or resource. Thanks!

If you are looking for supplies to make a hula hoop check out: Hoop They have a range of different supplies of tubing, coupling connectors, and more for all your hoop making needs!

How to make a Hula Hoop

How to Make a 3 Sectioned Collapsible Hoop

Collapsible hoop are awesome! They make traveling and flying with hula hoops way easier. There are several kinds of collapsible hoops, but any collapsibility helps with traveling.

How to Make a High Performance Hoop

how to make a hula hoop

How to Make a Push Button Collapsible Hoop

how to make a hula hoop

How to Tape a Hoop

Taping a hoop may seem easy enough but there are some tricks of the trade provided in this video that will make the experience way less frustrating.

How to Tape a Rainbow Hoop

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