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16 Ways to Maintain your Hoop Practice


Hello Hoopers,

Have you ever felt stagnant in your hoop practice? Ever felt like you’ve hit a wall and don’t know what to do next? Do you find yourself doing the same moves over and over all the time? Has the original luster of hooping wore off and you don’t hoop nearly as often as you used to?

Not to worry, we all go through phases like this. Some phases are more common at certain times or for certain hoopers. For example, typically there are walls that hoopers will find where suddenly you feel stumped. You’re not learning new things, you don’t know what to do next, and things feel a bit ‘off’. Hoopers with several years of experience behind them are familiar with this feeling of ‘hitting a wall’ and hopefully they’ve managed to successfully pull themselves over several of these walls and are still jazzed about hoop dance.

I’ve been hooping for nearly 10 years and have in resent years been struggling with my hoop practice. In the first 5 years, I found these ‘walls’ pretty easy to climb. They were low enough that it wouldn’t take much to get me back in my groove. In my second 5 years of hoop dance, things have been a little different. The last wall… well, it lasted several YEARS.  Honestly, I’m embarrassed to admit that I pretty much stopped hoop dancing. Sure, I would do a show and perform but other than doing the exact same tricks, to the exact same song… I wasn’t really hooping in the way that we know and love. In the past few months, with a bit of effort and ideas I’ve managed to kickstart, revive, and rekindle my hoop practice. Check out the Hoop Practice Plan below to find out my tips to jumpstart and maintain a hoop practice. Explore these ideas to help you climb over your hoop hump and find your happy place again. 

Much love,

Please add your comments below, share other ideas you have for maintaining a practice and how you have dealt with your own ‘hoop walls’.




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1. Create Hoop Space – Where can you hoop right now?
Action: Rearrange furniture, get gym membership, find studio you could rent, etc.

I can hoop in these places…

2. Stay Connected – Are there spin jams around you; can you start one?
Action: Add at least one upcoming event to your calendar.
I am going to attend: _____________________________________________________

3. Create a Habit – Something you already do that you can add the hoop to?
Action: Hoop when you get home, just before bed, after brushing teeth, etc. 
Consider a daily hoop chart to fill in after your session to track your habit. 

I am going to…____________________________________________________________________________________________

4. Take it Everywhere – Try the 30 Day challenge & always carry a hoop on you! 
Action: Buy, make or borrow a collapsible hoop to make this challenge easier.  

I am going to…

5. Buddy Up – Having a hoop buddy or two will prevent you from making excuses.
Action: Make plans RIGHT NOW to hoop with a friend this week or even weekly!

I am going to hoop with: __________________________________________________

6. Spoil Yourself – Getting new toys is always fun!
Action: Buy, trade or borrow a different sized hoop, LED hoop or a Fire Hoop. 

I am going to…

7. Stay Inspired: Where do you watch hoop videos?
Action: Get on Instagram, follow at least 10 hoopers you love. I’m @safirehoopdance

I am going to follow people on…

8. Find Fresh Music: New music will get you excited to dance more!!
Action: Check out our Hooping Music Playlists, a new one comes out at the beginning of every month. Post on Facebook asking friends to share new tunes. Ask for iTunes gift cards for holidays!

I am going to…

9. Don’t Hesitate: When you get the urge to hoop. Just do it!
Action: Make an agreement with yourself below about how you’ll avoid hesitation and making excuses.

I am going to…


10. Procrastinate: If you’re going to be lazy, you might as well be hooping.
Action: List of all the things you need to do & consider which you’d rather be hooping.  

I need to…


11. Mix it Up: Changing the way you usually hoop can refresh your movement. 
Action: Hoop in a costume, hoop to weird music, hoop like someone else, etc. 

I am going to…


12. Do a Hoop Challenge: Pick a hoop challenge and complete it!
Action: Google Hoop Challenges or visit for online hoop challenges and Classes with Safire.

I am going to do the: ____________________________________________________

13. Plan a “Date Night” – Prioritize spending time with yourself & your hoop.
Action: Pick a day on the calendar to hoop jam for at least an hour.

I am going to have a personal Hoop Jam on:__________________________________

14. Drill, Drill, Drill: Learning new tricks is satisfying.
Action: Make a list of 10 tricks your can’t do and would like to learn. 

I am going to Learn: 

  1. __________________________________
  2. __________________________________
  3. __________________________________
  4. __________________________________
  5. __________________________________
  6. __________________________________
  7. __________________________________
  8. __________________________________
  9. __________________________________
  10. __________________________________

15. Give yourself Permission to Do it Your Way: What kind of hooping do you love?
Action: Answer the question below. 

The kind of hooping I love to do is…


16. Behave like you did when you FIRST started hooping: Be a beginner again.
Action: Answer the question below and then imagine yourself back at the beginning of your journey.

How did you behave when you first started hooping, what were you like? Can you be like that again?




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What other ideas do you have for maintaining a practice?
Have you ever experienced a ‘Hoop Wall’?
How have you dealt with being in a funk with your hooping? 

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