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How to Bullet Journal: Organizing your Life

Hello Hoopers,

Ever feel disorganized? Overwhelmed? Like you can’t get your life together? Yeah. I know the feeling. People often think I have my shit together… This article will share one of the many things that I use to help me stay on track.

All my life I’ve been obsessed with journals, sketchbooks, and moleskins; I love them all. That tactile experience of picking up a real book with blank pages that are just waiting to be filled with unique and personal expressions. Unfortunately, my ability to purchase journals is much higher than my ability to actually write or draw in them. However, in January a good friend of mine introduced me to the concept of Bullet Journaling and I am LOVING it! 

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What is a Bullet Journal? 

It’s a customizable personal organization system that is part journal, part agenda, part sketchbook, and part life tracker that is completely created and designed by YOU. 

Why it’s Awesome.

Have you ever tried using phone apps before to track habits, create goal lists, or log activities like exercise? I sure did, I’ve tried them all, sleep trackers, daily goal trackers, fitness apps, you name it. Nothing worked. I’d use them for a week or so and then completely forget about them. Why? Because when we pick up our phones, we too easily become distracted. The beauty of using a hardcopy book for organizing your life, is that when you pick it up you are fully immersed into it and nothing else. 

Why it Works

I’m 32 years old and for the first time in my life I didn’t have to lie to the dentist when he asked if I was flossing. True story, since January I have flossed more regularly than any other time in my life; and not just for the two weeks before my appointment. How did bullet journaling make that possible? 

I created a daily habit tracker for things I wanted to do every day. This system works because when you hand write your own daily habit tracker it becomes personal. You made it specifically to your own needs, making it more important to you than any app could ever be. As well, there’s something incredibly satisfying about colouring in a little box of accomplishment. It’s like giving yourself a gold star! Sure it’s a little childish, even a little dorky, but hey; whatever works. Best of all, you can make changes over time. Every month I get to redesign, upgrade, and improve the design of my spreads, which is not only fun and relaxing but also hyper motivating to keep going. 

What You’ll Need to Get Started

  1. A moleskin that either has bullets or graph paper. 
  2. A nice pen that you enjoy writing with.
  3. Pencil crayons, or other colourful writing tools. 

How to Bullet Journal: What Can We Use it For?

How-to-bullet-journalBecause bullet journaling really comes down to just pen and paper, the possibilities are endless; but here are some common and helpful spreads. 

  1. Monthly Habit Tracker: A fill in chart for things you want to make into daily habits. (featured below) 
  2. Monthly Calendar: Visually organize your plans in a way that you can easily see everything at once. (featured above)
  3. TV Show or Book Chapter Tracker: Write down all the episodes or chapters and mark them off as you complete them. Super satisfying!
  4. Meal Plans or Meal Logger: Great for those who are watching what they eat.
  5. Emotions Tracker: Excellent if you struggle with mood variations. Combine with a habit tracker to see how your lifestyle is affecting your mood. (featured below)
  6. Brain Dump: A place to put random thoughts and ideas. Get them down on paper and out of your head!
  7. To Do Lists: I like to have a master list per month but you can also make weekly lists.
  8. Weekly Spread: Much like an agenda, a one or two page spread of 7 days with to dos, events, and other weekly activities. 
  9. Gratitude Log: A place to write daily gratitudes which has been proven to improve happiness and quality of life. 
  10. Level 10 Life: A pie chart of your happiness in 10 categories of your life. Give yourself a “grade” and then make a list of 10 things you can do to “level up” within each category. 100 actions to improve yourself and live a Level 10 Life! (featured to the right)



How Can Hoopers Use a Bullet Journal?

Seeing how this is a hooping blog here’s some ways you could use a bullet journal to improve your hoop life:

  1. Log new tricks, ideas, or combos as you come across them so you remember to retry it later. You could even check them off as you learn them.
  2. Track daily hoop sessions to help you stay in the habit of daily hooping.
  3. Log any Instagram #stopdropandspins and #breakbattles you still need to respond to.

Who Else Bullet Journals?

Thousands of people are using Instagram to share their unique bullet journal spreads and ideas. Check out the hashtags #bulletjournal, #bujo, #habittracker, #moodtracker, #bulletjournaljunkies, #bulletjournalcommunity, #plannerlove, and more for inspiration on different page spreads you can design and use to improve your life.

Other Great Resources:

I hope you give Bullet Journaling a try. I’ve found it to incredibly useful over the past 8 months. Trust me, any organization system that can get ME to floss on a regular basis, has got to be worth a try!

Much love,

p.s. Feel free to follow me on Instagram @safirebujoart



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