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Hoop News / Hooping Timeline

Hooping in 2003

Confirm Dates:
String Cheese Incident
Anah, Christabel, First Hoop Retreat

Things that qualify on this list
Firsts – first retreat, first video?, fire hoop manufacturer. 
Links to key people, award winners, lots of followers, viral videos, etc. 
Important websites that effected hooping –,, HoopCity, Facebook Groups, Instagram
Tubing Types that came out – Polypro, 
LED Hoops invented – Patrick, Smart Hoops invented. Fiber optic hoop invented. 
Quick Wicks invented
MagHoops Invented
Trippy isolation hoops video. Key videos. 
DVD releases
Hoop styles become popular. “Waves”  First Wave, Second Wave, Third Wave. 
Hoop size movements
Guiness Book Records
When mini hoops were popularized
No sleep brooklyn viral video
dances with circles viral video
melinda bear viral video
Reflective hoops popularized
3d hooping axis play begins
Square hoops
mini fire hooping

World hoop day begins 2007?


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