Hooping Clothes and Costumes

Men’s Festival Clothing and Rave Costumes

Hello Hoopers,  Let’s be honest, girls get TONS of options when it comes to what we can wear. All my guy friends complain about the struggle of finding cool things to wear for festivals and dance parties. Below is a list of funky shops that sell mens clothing. Some have a steampunk, darker style, while others include bright and colourful rave wear. Please share this page with your male party go-ers so they can have something fun to wear too! Much love, Safire  3rd Earth Fireproof – F...Read More

DIY Hooping Clothes

Hello hoopers! Is your closet filled with hooping clothes? If not, this post will help you bust out in style! It’s that time of year again and soon many of us will be dancing around in the wild with tons of other crazy peeps enjoying some summer festivals. Half the fun of attending music festivals is getting the chance to play dress up!! Wearing crazy outfits and fun hooping clothes is a great way to express yourself at festivals. As I prepare for this summer I thought it would be great to...Read More

Hooping Clothes and Costume Shop Directory

3rd Earth Fireproof – Male/Female Fireproof Clothing Abstractika Art Work – Women’s Flow Clothing, Jewelry Accentuates Clothing – Women’s Flow Clothing, Stretch and Natural Fabrics Ahniradvanyi – Unisex Leather Bags, Hip Belts, Male and Female Leather Vests Antique Alchemist – Jewelry, Wire Hair Wraps, Hoods, Bustles Aya Wear – Afro-Jamacian Clothing Batikwalla – Wall Art Belles Lotus – Womens Natural Fiber Flow Clothing Carousel Ink &#...Read More