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Hoop Clothing / Hoop News

Hooping Clothes and Costume Shop Directory

3rd Earth Fireproof – Male/Female Fireproof Clothing
Abstractika Art Work – Women’s Flow Clothing, Jewelry
Accentuates Clothing – Women’s Flow Clothing, Stretch and Natural Fabrics
Ahniradvanyi – Unisex Leather Bags, Hip Belts, Male and Female Leather Vests
Antique Alchemist – Jewelry, Wire Hair Wraps, Hoods, Bustles
Aya Wear – Afro-Jamacian Clothing
Batikwalla – Wall Art
Belles Lotus – Womens Natural Fiber Flow Clothing
Carousel Ink – Male/Female Screen Printed Clothing
Coquetry Clothing – Male/Female Clothing, Handmade Funky Designs and Patterns
Damsel In This Dress – Corsets
Dervish – Women’s Flow/Yoga/Dance Clothing
Elven Forest Creations – Female Tribal/Elf/Fairy Inspired Clothing
Fairies Pyjamas – Male/Female Organic Cotton Hippy Inspired Flow Clothing
Fairy Steps – Female Leather Shoes
The Feathered Gypsies – Scarves/Headwraps/Jewelry
Fraggle Tribe – Male/Female Clothing/Art
Free Aphrodite – Women’s Flow Clothing
Frixie Girl – Women’s 100% Merino Wool Alternative/Fairy Inspired Clothing
Funky Sunshine – Tie Dyed Clothing and Accessories
Gaia Conceptions – Women’s Organic Flow Clothing, Simple and Elegant Lines and Cuts
Gnar Hoops – Male Female Dance/Yoga/Flow Clothing, Hoops
Gypse Couture – Female Upcycled Clothing
Harmonic Threads – Male/Female Organic Hemp Flow Clothing
Herban Devi – Female Handmade Screen Printed Clothing
Hipstarr Designs – Female Clothing Designed with Movement In Mind
Hoop Clothes – Female Flow Clothing
House of Vansickle – Female Flow Clothing
Hula Hoop Shirts – Tees and tanks with hoop sayings.
Indika Creationz – Handmade Hemp/Bamboo Flow Clothing and Accessories
Inkspoon – Male/Female Screen Printed Clothing
Jumbie Art – Male/Female Digital Art Printed Clothing
Katwise –  Upcycled Coats/Sweaters
Kayo Anime Clothing – Male/Female Japanese and Street Inspired Clothing
Kinies – Male/Female Totes/Packs/Bags
Leafy Creations – Male/Female Hippy/Tribal Clothing
Luna Design – Female Flow Clothing
Lunar Wear
 – Dance Props/Ensembles/Accessories
Mean Kitty Wear – Flow Skirts/Harem Pants, Feathered Accessories 
Nomads Hemp Wear – Male/Female Eco Friendly Alternative Clothing
Ojala – Female Flow Clothing
Om Booty – Male/Female Flow, Yoga, Festival, and Leather wear.
The Om Collection – Male/Female Flow and Festival Wear
Omeebashop – Male/Female Festival Clothing
Onanya – Male/Female Tribal/Sacred Geometry Inspired Clothing
Oneiro Clothing – Male/Female Edgy Clothing
Pan Gaia Creations – Female Flow Clothing
Pixie Pixie – Female Flow Clothing
Psylo – Male/Female Ethno Punk and Alternative Cloting
Rabbit and Empee – Male/Female Alternative Festival Clothing
Sea of Wolves Design – Female Ethically Sourced and Original Art Printed Clothing
Senjo Clothing – Male/Female Alternative Hippy Clothing
Sha Creations – Male/Female Steampunk Clothing
Sinew Moon – Female Flow/Boho Clothing
SparkleFide – Female Rave Wear
Vinyl Dolls – Women’s Rave Wear
Warrior Within Designs – Women’s Flow Clothing
WhirlandDirvish – Hoops and Clothing Accessories
Ziggy Hoop Dancer -Women’s Dancewear

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