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10 Tips for Hooping at the Bar

Hello Hoopers,

It’s a Friday night and you want to get your dance on.

You’re going out and of course you want to bring your hoop along! The unfortunate thing is some bars and clubs have stopped letting hula hoops inside. The worst thing that can happen is to have a bar officially decide to never allow hoopers to bring in a hoop again. Once the decision to coat check hoops have been made, then that location might never be hoop friendly again. So below are some basic hooper etiquette tips to follow when bringing your hoop out in public for the night. If we all hoop respectfully around others than together we can keep hoops allowed in public spaces. 

Much love,

Tips for Hooping in a Bar

1. Get there early: If you like dancing in a club or bar environment you’re best to get there before the crowds. This will give you more space and allow you to get your jam on before the dance floor fills up.

2. Assess your surroundings: Help prevent the likelihood of hitting people or objects by finding the best spot to hoop. It could be a corner of the room, the front near a speaker, the very back, or even up on a podium. Keep an eye on your surroundings. I like to pretend I’m in a video game and the moving people are part of the game, it’s a fun challenge as people are constantly moving and shifting. Also, watch out for light fixtures, drinks, decorations, and other inanimate objects.

3. Bring your smallest hoop: The smaller the hoop the less likely you are to hit things. As a bonus you’ll get the sweet sweet challenge of using a smaller hoop and you may find a new kind of flow with a different size than you’d normally use.  

4. Use an LED Hoop: LED hoops not only get drunks REALLY excited… they also make you more visible, thus reducing the number of people who walk into you.

5. Only do moves that fit the space: Consider which moves or styles of hooping will work for the space. Pick your plains, limit your repertoire, and even explore just holding your hooping and dancing with it. Often times unique situations like this will bring out a different side of expression in your hoop dance. 

Photo of Lish Hoops

6. Don’t get drunk: Consider holding back on drinks until after you have put your hoop away. If you are drinking, give yourself a rule of when you’ll stop hooping, whether it’s after a certain number of drinks, or after a certain number of “accidents”. For example, if I’m hooping at non prop event and I drop or fling my hoop three times, I immediately cut myself off and put it away for the night. It sucks, but it’s better than the alternative and it’s the respectful thing to do. 

7. Be careful lending out your hoop: Not just for the safety of your hoop but also for the safety of those around you. Letting a big drunk guy try out your hoop could result in him aggressively hand hooping and then accidently flinging your hoop across a room and knocking drinks ONTO the DJ’s audio equipment and laptop. *True story 🙁

8. Don’t dominate the dance floor: Keep in mind that other people might have come out to dance as well and if you’re throwing down all night and taking up tons of space it will be obtrusive to others. Let others use the space periodically and share the dance floor.  

9. Keep track of your hoops: Make sure that you don’t leave your hoop alone, there’s no bigger buzzkill then having your hoop stolen. 

10. Know when to stop: Whether it’s because you’ve been drinking and it’s time to cut yourself off, or because the place has gotten crowded, be respectful and realize that you might not be able to hoop all night in this space. Enjoy the time you have and pack it up when the time feels right. 

Do you take your hoop out in public?
What other tips would you give to another hooper?



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