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Hoop Dance Retreats

Attending one of the many hoop dance retreats, fire dance festivals, or juggling conventions can be a great way to expand your skills, develop new interest in other props, and make new friends! There are a range of different events to attend, some provide the option of camping while other have cabins and provide food and everything! Some of the these events have been running for years while some are brand new. Keep checking back to this page in the future as new events are created and added to the map all the time. Use the interactive map below to find an annual event near you. Click on the website link provided to find out more information about that specific event.

hoop dance retreats

Hoop Dance Retreats

hoop dance retreats

Multi Prop or Fire Dance Festival

European Juggling Convention – EJC

Also consider checking out the European Juggling Convention which runs annually but is hosted in a different country every year. This is a HUGE multi prop convention that runs on average 6+ days long and has TONS of epic workshops, people, and performances. Do a Google search for European Juggling Convention to find the site and location for this year’s event.


Know an event that’s missing from the map? Comment with details below.

This map is for annual events only! DO NOT SUBMIT MUSIC FESTIVALS. That would make the map too cluttered.

Include the Following

  • Event Name
  • Hooping Event OR Multi Prop?
  • City or nearest city location of the event.
  • Website URL *Provide main site URL so it’s valid every year.

Example Comment Post

Spin Out Events Multi Prop Sundre, Alberta, Canada


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