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New Site for Hoopers: Hula Hoop City

If you are new here, then welcome! This site was created after a previous site known simply as “Hoop City”. The original Hoop City was a popular online social networking site for hoopers than ran from 2009 – 2015. In the last of it’s years the company that provided the back end for the site was sold and the site became increasingly difficult to upgrade and functionality was lost. Hoop City lost it’s popularity as Facebook began to offer groups and other mobile networking sites increased in popularity. It is with a heavy heart that the decision was made to close down the existing Hoop City and launch this new site on a different platform. We have had to completely revamped the website for a new generation of hoopers and build it again from the ground up. What will the New Site Have? Since there is SO MUCH CONTENT on it would be impossible to transfer all the information. With the creation of Facebook Groups and other popular social networking options like Instagram, the new Hoop City will no longer have profiles, journals, groups or forums. The new site will have:

  • Our most popular and top features: Hoop Retreat Map, LED and Fire Hoop Reviews, etc.
  • We’ll be going through the forums to create articles based on solutions we came up with as a community.
  • Commenting will be available on articles and any posts so we can stay connected and still have conversations.
  • Inspiring Photos and Videos by epic hoopers
  • How do you access your online hooping classes? Please visit and login using your old Hoop City e-mail and use the password “Hooping” (with a capital H). There you’ll find your previous classes. If you have any trouble please e-mail me at


Thank you to the hoop community for your YEARS of love and support. Here’s to the future of hooping, the hoop community, and the journey we experience inside the hoop and inside ourselves that keeps us going after all these years.

Much love and happy hooping! Safire

Hoop  2009 – 2015

Things have changed a lot online since Hoop City first launched. The old site was launched on January 18th, 2009 and went through several different looks, styles, and featured options. Over the years we had dozens of contests, live chat parties, monthly flow challenges and many more great activities.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 5.15.27 PMIn the early year’s the site was actually called “Safire Dance – Online Hooping Community”

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 5.18.31 PMThen we were called “Hoop City – a space for hoopers”

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 5.19.07 PMBy the end we totalled:

22,306 members

207 Groups

67,767 Photos

18,061 Videos

4,126 Journal Entries

8,650 Forum Discussions

Check out the original video when Hoop City Launched!


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