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10 Great Gifts for Hoop Dancers

Hello stranger…

So you have a hooper in your life? 

That’s good, hoop dancers are awesome people.

Do you want to impress your hooper friend by getting them something EPIC for Christmas; something that will make them jump up and down out of sheer joy on Christmas morning and love you forever?

Yeah you do. Well here’s the list to help you do that. You’re welcome.  🙂

Much love,

  1. 3M grip tape: Seriously, this stuff is great for adding grip to shiny hoops.  Available on Go with the 1 inch clear tape and they can cut it thinner. If the hooper in your life is a hoop maker. Get them this 3M tape slitter. It easily slits the grip tape for them and will make all their hoop making faster!
  2. Shiny Tapes: Having more tape never really gets old. Any Shiny Tape is good but some fancy ones include Reflective Hoop Tape, Glow in the Dark Tape, and the Color Changing Tapes.hm_hoopbag_gif-1
  3. Hoop Bags: Hoop bags are not only a more convenient way to carry your hoops, they will also protect them during travel and help shiny tapes to last longer. You can find great hoop bags on Etsy, the Shop, and on
  4. Music for Hoop Dancers: ITunes Gift Cards, iTunes Gift Cars, iTunes Gift Cards.  Need I say more
  5. Video Equipment: A lot of hoopers take videos, often using our phones. Instead of having to prop up their phone awkwardly, grip them a Pocket Tripod for their phone or get them a Gorilla Pod as well as a tripod phone holder. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!
  6. Makeup Accessories: Wolfe Face Painting Kit, LuckyFine Face Paint KitShiny Tribal Tattoos, and False Eyelash Packs are great gifts and great stocking stuffers!
  7. Quick Wicks: Make a beautiful flower-like bouquet of fire hoop quick wicks to give to your partner. Wrap them up like a bunch of roses and you’ll be the best gift giver ever. Five or Six wicks should do but no one’s gonna complain if you bought them a full dozen!
  8. New Goldilocks Tubing: A BRAND NEW tubing that JUST came out, it’s 11/16″ so it’s thinner but still responsive! They won’t likely have tried this tubing before so it will be a fun adventure for them! I know… we get excited about tubing, it’s weird, but whatever. You can find it here on Hoopologie.comwhite-holographic-luna-peekaboo-catsuit-side-800x1043

  9. Funky Clothes: Buy an item or two in their size to make your hooper feel gorgeous! We recommend the Burnt Soul Cat Suit, and anything from Also check out our list of funky festival clothing retailers.

    Seriously, just don’t do it. Don’t buy anyone an LED hoop ever. They will like it at first BUT if you get something wrong, they won’t ever be happy with it. Every hooper has different needs from their LED hoop and you run the risk of spending a ton of money and not getting the right one/size/colours/tubing/etc. There just too many variables.

    Instead, find a cute and fun way to wrap up a fake LED hoop, gift her a picture of an LED hoop, make a scavenger hunt for her. Make the present into a game where she’ll have to discover what it is. Then let her do the shopping to find the perfect one. Different models have different prices so budget for $100-$400.

What other great presents can you think of for hoop dancers?

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