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Hoop Inspiration / Hooping History

First Hoop Videos on YouTube – Hooping History

Hello Hoopers! 

This is the first article I’m posting on the topic of Hooping History. As hoop dance becomes more and more popular, I think it would be neat to share how hoop dance began and how it has progressed over the years.  

Everyday there are more and more hoop videos posted online; several on YouTube and even more on Facebook and Instagram. It wasn’t always like this though. There was a time when a new hoop video was a RARE thing and hoopers all around the world would collectively freak the hell out when someone took the time to film and post a brand new video. This article idea came up during an online Skype session with one of my hoop dance teacher training students. While chatting, Mia asked me how I first learned hoop dance. I explained that in the beginning I was self taught and that back in 2006 there was LITERALLY only a handful of hoop videos on YouTube. She was shocked! Only a few hoop videos?! “What were the videos?” She asked.  

Hence this blog post was born.

I realized how cool it would be to share those first ever YouTube videos that inspired and ignited a generation of hoopers. Below are the first videos I EVER saw of people hoop dancing. There are likely other videos that were posted in 2006, but these one’s stuck out and massively influenced the hoop community as a whole. They were amazingly inspiring and I must have watched all of them 100 times each. Check them out below to see what hoop dance looked like back in the early years of YouTube.  

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Anah ‘Hoopalicious’ Demo

Uploaded on Jun 18, 2006
This was one of the first ever videos I saw and was at the top of YouTube searches in 2006 when you searched “Hooping”. Anah moves so freely while dancing with the hoop and is absolutely KILLING it!

Check out her ongoing hoop work at

Spiral at Earth Dance

Uploaded on Oct 1, 2006
This video I DEFINATELY watched over 100 times. Not only that, I had to show EVERYONE I knew this video. It was somehow absolutely crucial to me that everyone saw it, regardless of whether they cared about hooping or not.

Check out more on Spiral and 

Karis & Stefan Hoop Off

Uploaded on Apr 23, 2006
A classic hoop video of two hoopers throwing down with style. You can see more of Karis in The Hooping Life movie.

Malcolm Stuart Fire Demo

Uploaded on May 24, 2006
This was one of the first ever fire hoop demo videos posted to YouTube. Not only is Malcolm Stuart an awesome hooper, but he’s an incredible artist as well. Check out more of his work at

Diana: The Pink Panther Strikes Again

Uploaded on Jun 24, 2006
A great representation of putting the ‘dance’ into ‘hoop dance.’ At the time Diana ran Body Hoops which was one of the first companies to sell and ship infinity style foldable hoops.

Blindfolded Baxter hooping to Tool

Uploaded on Jul 19, 2006
And then THIS happened. At this point I had never seen anyone do breaks or reversals, let alone hoop blindfolded. When this video cam out Baxter had already been hooping for years and developed his own hoop dance and teaching style.

Find out about Baxter’s upcoming workshop tours at 

Barry of playing with Fire

Uploaded on Aug 11, 2006

This video impressed me because of how much fire is on the hoop and how Barry just keeps on going no matter how much fire is there. has been around a long time and still sells practice hoops, LED hoops, and fire hoops.  

Christabel ‘HoopGirl’s’ Temple Dance

Uploaded on Jan 17, 2007

This video was one of the prettiest and most sensual hoop dance videos I’d ever seen.

Also see for more info on Christabel.  

Jewelz Isolations/Angle/Core

Uploaded on Mar 6, 2007
This one came a little later but is literally the first time I ever saw someone do the vertical vortex. Serious WTF moment happened for me that day, trying to break it down and learn how to do it. “How is she doing that?!”

Jewelz is the incredible woman being Hoop Convergence, one of the first ever hoop dance retreats that brought together hooper from all over the world. She also is the owner and operator of The Flowjo, a movement studio space in North Carolina.

Sharna Rose Glory Days

Uploaded on Mar 11, 2007
Sharna Rose has other videos before this one, but this particular video sticks out as here she’s really getting into her groove.

Check out more of her ongoing work at:

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