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You’ll Never Guess the Hoop Video with Over 12 Million Views!

Guess what?! So the other day I found a YouTube Hoop Video with over 12 MILLION VIEWS!!!! I was amazed that I had NEVER ever seen it before!! It made me wonder what other videos are out that that have gotten tons of views over the years. Below is a list of some of the MOST VIEWED hoop videos on YouTube! **Please Note: These are just the most viewed on YOUTUBE. I recognize that there are videos on Facebook as well that have TONS of views but needed to keep things simple. 1,186,001 views 1,313,555 views 1,743,401 views 1,748,476 views 1,838,137 views 1,986,643 views 2,915,871 views 3,734,824 views 4,102,637 views 4,483,814 views 6,007,765 views And the most viewed hoop video on YouTube is…. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Miss Valentina’s Slinky Hoop Burlesque Act! 12,272...

Hooping in 2016

Instagram Launches 60 Second Video Option

Hooping TED Talks

Hello Hoopers, Have you ever wanted to do a TED Talk? If you have; you can imagine how scary of an experience it might be. Do you know what you would say? If you were invited to provide a TED Talk, what would you want to share the most with the world about hooping? Much love, Safire In a world where we are consistently pressured into adapting to a role that makes us fit into society, many people struggle to find a balance between work and play. But don’t we only start to love living life when we find a reason to get out of bed in the morning, not because we have to, but because we want to? In this talk I’m going to share with you my biggest passion − the Hula Hoop. Theresa Rose speaks about the power of “joyful movement” to improve health and well-being at TEDxSaras...

Hooping Clothes and Costume Shop Directory

3rd Earth Fireproof – Male/Female Fireproof Clothing Abstractika Art Work – Women’s Flow Clothing, Jewelry Accentuates Clothing – Women’s Flow Clothing, Stretch and Natural Fabrics Ahniradvanyi – Unisex Leather Bags, Hip Belts, Male and Female Leather Vests Antique Alchemist – Jewelry, Wire Hair Wraps, Hoods, Bustles Aya Wear – Afro-Jamacian Clothing Batikwalla – Wall Art Belles Lotus – Womens Natural Fiber Flow Clothing Carousel Ink – Male/Female Screen Printed Clothing Coquetry Clothing – Male/Female Clothing, Handmade Funky Designs and Patterns Damsel In This Dress – Corsets Dervish – Women’s Flow/Yoga/Dance Clothing Elven Forest Creations – Female Tribal/Elf/Fairy Inspired Clothing Fairies P...

Hoop Dance Retreats

Attending one of the many hoop dance retreats, fire dance festivals, or juggling conventions can be a great way to expand your skills, develop new interest in other props, and make new friends! There are a range of different events to attend, some provide the option of camping while other have cabins and provide food and everything! Some of the these events have been running for years while some are brand new. Keep checking back to this page in the future as new events are created and added to the map all the time. Use the interactive map below to find an annual event near you. Click on the website link provided to find out more information about that specific event. Hoop Dance Retreats Multi Prop or Fire Dance Festival European Juggling Convention – EJC Also consider checking out th...

New Site for Hoopers: Hula Hoop City

If you are new here, then welcome! This site was created after a previous site known simply as “Hoop City”. The original Hoop City was a popular online social networking site for hoopers than ran from 2009 – 2015. In the last of it’s years the company that provided the back end for the site was sold and the site became increasingly difficult to upgrade and functionality was lost. Hoop City lost it’s popularity as Facebook began to offer groups and other mobile networking sites increased in popularity. It is with a heavy heart that the decision was made to close down the existing Hoop City and launch this new site on a different platform. We have had to completely revamped the website for a new generation of hoopers and build it again from the ground up. What w...

Hooping in 2014

Major Events Major Videos Rachel Lust’s “Groove” video goes viral.                      

Hooping in 2013

Instagram Launches 15 Second Video Option  

Hooping in 2011

| January – Raw Art ‘Ring-O-Graphy’ video

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