Hooping Tutorials

10 Tips for Increasing Flexibility

Hello Hoopers,  Have you ever wished you were more flexible? Increasing flexibility can be one of the most rewarding fitness challenges. I began exploring flexibility in 2012 and often have people ask me for tips. Below are my top 10 tips for increasing flexibility. I hope these suggestions can help you in your bendy journey and inspire you to stretch!  #1.  Realize that it’s NEVER too late. Honestly, the FIRST struggle I had in my flexibility journey was believing that it was even possible. When I first started hooping I also wanted to learn contortion but sadly I never tried because deep down I didn’t believe that I could do it. Everywhere I searched online I read statements like these: “You have to start contortion when you’re like 6.” “If you’r...

8 Hairstyle Tutorials for Hoop Dancers

Hello Hoopers, So… I suck at hooping with my hair down.  It’s just not my bag. It gets in the way, gets stuck in my mouth, or catches on my eyelashes. Now, I’m pretty lazy when it comes to doing my hair. Unless it’s a special occasional, functionality is my main concern when it comes to the appearance of my hair. Unfortunately, this means 90% of the time my long hair (which I’ve spent years going out for some unknown reason) is up in a ponytail.  If you’re like me, then here… please enjoy these adorable hairstyle tutorials to help keep your hair out of your face while hooping!! Much love, Safire #1  Ribbon Updo #2  Messy Updo #3 Reverse Braided Bun #4 Puffy Space Buns!   #5 Faux-Hawk     #6 Double Dutch Braids #7 Simple Double Braid ...

Hooping Tutorial: How to Break down Hoop Tricks

In this video torialtorial I’ll share my tips for breaking down and learning a hoop trick. If you’d like access to more hoop videos and tutorials check out my YouTube Channel. Also check out my Free Online Hoop Class on HoopingClasses.com Much love,  Safire

Beginner Hooping Tutorial – Jump Through

Want to be able to jump through even the smallest of hoops? Follow these guidelines and you’ll be able to jump through anything and everything!

Beginner Hooping Tutorial – The Helicopter

Already know The Helicopter?  Go right to 4:12 in the video to see an advanced variation on how to get an extra spin in the front as you pass your hoop. I made a tutorial for this move years ago in 2008, it was one of the first tutorial I had ever made. As I’m re-filming ALL my online hooping classes right now, I thought it would be nice to post the updated version of this trick.