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10 Bullet Journal Habit Trackers for Goals

Bullet Journal Habit TrackersHello Hoopers, 

This is my second blog on Bullet Journaling. It is something I’ve been doing for a couple of years now and I’ve found it to be very helpful in improving my productivity as well as my happiness levels. If you’ve never heard of Bullet Journaling check out my previous article on How to Bullet Journal. Below are some of the new bullet journal habit trackers and spreads I created to track my 2017. I hope you like them.

Much love,

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Bullet Journal Habit Trackers

#1 Daily Habit Tracker

This habit tracker is pretty much a CLASSIC at this point. If you haven’t tried a daily habit tracker I’d recommend it. This tracker is literally the most viewed page in my bullet journal. That being said, see the big square? That’s a time where I didn’t pick up my Bujo for five days. (I back filled things I happened to complete anyway.) If this happens to you every so often don’t be discouraged, it’s not uncommon. Don’t beat yourself up, just get back on track. That’s why I Bullet Journal, because I care enough about the outlines I’ve created for myself that I really WANT to come back to it. Unlike an app where I end up abandoning or deleting them completely. 

This I can’t delete. Bullet Journal Habit Trackers


Bullet Journal Habit Trackers

#2 Monthly Goal Tracker

This one is a new spread I tried for March as a replacement for my monthly habit tracker. The bottom items are for less frequent tracking. I first saw this design done by @my_blue_sky_design on Instagram. After using this for March I think I’m going to go back to my old Daily Habit Tracker. I need those individual items listed, I can’t lump things together into categories because I’ll skip some. That being said, I’ll use this style of spread for Mini Goals next month instead.  🙂


Bullet Journal Habit Trackers

#3 Bingo Game Goal Tracker

This one is super fun!

Here I made a bingo game out of my flexibility goals. You can do this with any goal you like. Fill in the squares as you progress until you’ve completed you goals. Center square in free and you can “win” by filling in squares to create a line, 4 corners, a square, or even the full card!

Woot woot, it’s game time! Bullet Journal Habit Trackers


Bullet Journal Habit Trackers

#4 Bad Habit Tracker

Want to track how frequently you do something bad? This year I made a “Drinking Tracker” by drawing and sectioning out a wine bottle. This could also be done with a pack of cigarettes, hands to represent nail biting, or anything else you can draw to represent your bad habit. 

I don’t think I drink that much but wanted to find out so I set up this Bullet Journal spread. My goal is to drink no more than 15 times in 2017. (Two drinks are okay, but once I have a 3rd it counts.) In some ways this shouldn’t be that hard but I know that summertime festivals, friend’s birthday parties, holidays, and other celebrations might proof to be a challenge. Rather than try to go 100% no liquor for 2017, which I would undoubtably fail, this is a great alternative.  


Bullet Journal Habit Trackers

#5 Book You’ve Read Tracker

This style of book reading tracker is pretty common and I wanted to give it a try. Decide how many books you want to read in a year and draw out enough spines for each book leaving enough space to write in the title and author of the book. Don’t worry too much about how the drawings look, whatever you can do, is good enough. 


Bullet Journal Habit Trackers

#6 Daily Emotion Tracker – A Year in Pixels

This spread has become popular for 2017, it’s called “A Year in Pixels” and can be done for anything you want to track daily. You’ll notice I made one for my emotions as well as for my daily fitness. Create a legend and match up colours to each emotion or fitness activity you want to track. 

Over January I found that often times when feeling defeated and having to fill in the day’s mood with something negative, I’d be more conscious and thus try to “turn things around” for the rest of the day. Just having to admit your mood can be incredibly helpful in learning to control your emotions, in real time, and with no self lies.

Pro Tip: Pick your colours wisely, I wish I’d made my emotion colours more like a gradient, so cool tones are good and warm tones are bad. Making red for anger and blue for sadness makes sense, but seeing the colours on an even spectrum would have been better. Next year I might just use the same colour but with various gradients. 

Bullet Journal Habit Trackers

Fitness and Movement Trackers

I made several fitness spreads for my 2017 Bullet Journal, some with boxes to fill in, others with drawings to represent each time I did the activity.    

#7  Box Style Distance Tracker: Left page is 100km walk/run tracker that doesn’t include hikes. This one is just a distance measurement so I kept it simple with a box representing each Km. 

#8  Sidewalk Path Style Tracker: On the right page is a path where each sidewalk step represent a bike ride I do, I want to go on long rides at least 12 times this summer so I made 12 sections on the path. 

#9  Workout or Bootcamp Tracker: In January I found a great Groupon for 20 boot camp classes for only 20 bucks!!! I decided to add 20 random workout items to this page as well, which I’ll colour in after each class. 

#10  Hiking Tacker: I want to go on at least 12 hikes this year so I made a Hike Tracker by drawing 12 mountains to colour in after each hike.

Bullet Journal Habit Trackers

I hope you found these useful! I think I’ll keep posting occasionally on Bullet Journaling on this blog as it’s become a helpful part of my life and if these articles can help even one other person to become more organized and happier in life, then it’s worth sharing.  🙂

Much love, Safire
p.s. Feel free to follow me on Instagram @safirebujoart

What kind of bullet journal habit trackers do you use? 

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