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10 Best Hoop Tricks for Performers

Hello Hoopers and aspiring hoop performers,

Often times new performers ask me “what are the best hoop tricks to include in a hoop act?” As I finish up the video editing for my online hoop dance performance training on, this article will be one of several I’ll be sharing on the topic of becoming a hoop dance performer. In general over all my years of performance I always come back to the same key moves. Below are my top 10 suggestions for moves you should consider putting in your choreography as they always get a great reaction from audiences!

Keep in mind that this advice is geared towards hoopers putting together a professional act that they intent to pitch for corporate or family events. If you are making an act for fun, personal, or artistic expression, then don’t feel obligated to use certain tricks, just express yourself freely.

These moves are great for several reasons: 

#1. They are moves that either LOOK impressive or they are fun to watch.
#2. They can provide an obvious signal for an audience to respond, with either laughter or applause.
#3. They have shock factor as they aren’t obvious moves. For example, although difficult chest hooping is not something an audience could never imagine. Using the shock of seeing something unexpected is a powerful tool you can use in your performances. 
#4. Most importantly, the best hoop tricks for an act are POWER or ACCENT moves, meaning they are visually different and unique from other moves. Other hoopers are the kind of audience that will notice subtle differences between similar moves. Regular folks however, can’t necessarily differentiate between moves like other hoopers can, so everything kind of blurs together. For this reason, when you are performing for “muggles” it’s best to include a power move every so often within your choreography to keep things fresh and exciting. 

10 Best Hoop Tricks for Performers

best hoop tricks

  1. Isolations – Any kind of isolation is great because they are both shocking and confusing. These moves will put your audience in awe. 
  2. One Leg Balance – Displays balance and agility. Also the potential risk of you falling offer is good, risk is exciting.
  3. Single Shoulder Spin – This trick is great because it’s not an obvious trick. Regular audiences will not have seen or have thought of it before and thus will not be expecting. A great “wow” move!
  4. Tosses of any Kind – Great for hitting accents in your music, while adding the element of using space. Added bonus is the potential for error. “Is she gonna catch it!?”
  5. Combo of Walk the Dog to Wedgie to Escalator Up – A GREAT power move that takes a simple classic move that everyone tries in elementary school (the basic backspin roll) but finishes with a fast, flashy, and unexpected wedgie/escalator up. This one is sure to impress and makes you look like a boss!
  6. Multi Hooping –  Everyone always asks “how many can you hoop at once?” Even though I think single hoops acts are incredible, the general population is likely to expect to see you hoop more than one. An easy way to get started is to get your knee hooping perfected and then do a number of hand hooping moves with a second hoop. Check out my multi hooping class on for hours of great tutorials on 2, 3, 4, and 5 hoop moves. Also consider doing the classic “finishing move” of spinning TONS of hoops around your waist at once. 12+ hoops will do the trick but the more hoops the crazier.
  7. The Weave with Two Hoops – Doing a basic chase weave with two hoops that are shiny or LED creates a great visual impact. On the plus side this move looks more badass but doesn’t get any harder if you just do it SUPER FAST!
  8. Bum/Booty Hooping – Both hilarious and an un-obvious move, this trick will get both kids and adults giggling. I didn’t do this trick for years and regret having not put it in my act hoop tricks
  9. Chest Roll – This move can be done slowly and elegantly or fast and punchy. Either way this move stands out to a crowd.
  10. Foot Hooping – “I can’t even hula hoop around my waist!” A classic performance move, foot hooping displays to audiences that you mean business, nobody just casually learns to foot hoop without some serious practice and this trick will show audiences you’ve got skills.

I hope this article is helpful in your journey towards becoming a hoop dance performer. If you’d like to be notified when my online performance training launches, send me an e-mail at You may even receive the opportunity for early entry into the program!

What did you think, what was it like the first time you saw these hoop tricks performed? Share your thoughts below. Feel free to share this article with fellow hoopers. 

Much love,

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