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Awesome Apps for Hula Hoopers




Hello Hoopers,

Over the past few months I’ve come across some great apps for filming, editing, and sharing hoop videos and photos. These apps have made sharing hoop videos easy and fun to do. Below is a collection of some of my most favourite and useful hoop sharing apps!  If you know of another unique app that can help hoopers connect and share their hooping with the world, feel free to post the name and a link to the app below!  Especially if you know of great Android apps!

Much love,



iPhone  |  Android

Basically if you’re not on Instagram, you are missing out my friend. There is a HUGE hoop community there and I do find browsing videos on Instagram to be easier than YouTube’s mobile app. Also, a lot of great hoopers don’t post a lot of YouTube, certainly not everyday. So come join us and get inspired! I’m on Instagram at @safirehoopdance.

iPhone  |  Android

Of course, YouTube is still a great place to watch full-length hoop videos, post your own longer videos and find new hoopers. 



This is the app that allows you to film LED hooping and create EPIC psychedelic trails. You’ll have to use the app to film, it’s not a filter you can apply to a pre-existing video. Super trippy and fun to play with! 


This app lets you PLAY MUSIC and record AT THE SAME TIME!!!  Super awesome if you have no other way of playing music but on your phone. This will let you play music during your hoop jam and you can either use the audio that your phone recorded at the time or add the music afterwards using another app.  

iPhone – Do a search for this app

An easy to use video editing app. It allows you to apply music, edit between multiple clips or use certain sections of one longer video.  


iPhone – Do a search for this app

This app allows you to easily speed up and slow down video. Great for creating artistic videos or for creating time-lapsed videos.


iPhone  |  Android

This app is great for creating photo collages. Have a before and after shot you want to share? This app provides a bunch of great layouts for making collages out of multiple photos.  


iPhone  |  Android

Ever wondered why sometimes you see an Instagram post and it says it’s a repost?  This app allows you to share anyone else’s Instagram post on your profile. Start by copying the link of the post you like. Then when you open up the Repost app it will ask you if you want to use the link that is currently copied to your clipboard, say ‘yes, edit and you can save to your photos or open the image/video up directly in your Instagram profile ready to post. It is often a good practice to leave the “repost” icon with the original posters name and/or to tag them in the description as well so other users may follow the original content creator.  


Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 1.10.48 PM


This is another app that allows you to film LED or regular hooping and create cool psychedelic imagery. You’ll have to use the app to film, it’s not a filter you can apply to a pre-existing video. Super trippy and fun to play with!


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