Month: April 2017

Hoop Dance: 8 Tips on Finding time for Hooping

Does it feel like you can’t fit a hoop dance session into your day? Hooping regularly can brighten your mood and leaving you energized for the day. Here are 8 tips on how to find the time to hoop.  Let yourself enjoy that blissful post-flow feeling just a little bit more often! Much love, Safire #1. Rise & Shine Hoop Dance: Make hooping your morning ritual. What are some of the first things that you already do in the morning?  See if you can tie and connect hooping to that habit. Do you start your day with a hot coffee or tea?  Put you hoop in the kitchen before heading to bed and hoop it up while the kettle boils! #2. Anywhere & Everywhere: Get yourself a collapsible hoop and strap it to your purse. Having a hoop with you at all times, means whenever you have down time you c...

10 Tips for Increasing Flexibility

Hello Hoopers,  Have you ever wished you were more flexible? Increasing flexibility can be one of the most rewarding fitness challenges. I began exploring flexibility in 2012 and often have people ask me for tips. Below are my top 10 tips for increasing flexibility. I hope these suggestions can help you in your bendy journey and inspire you to stretch!  #1.  Realize that it’s NEVER too late. Honestly, the FIRST struggle I had in my flexibility journey was believing that it was even possible. When I first started hooping I also wanted to learn contortion but sadly I never tried because deep down I didn’t believe that I could do it. Everywhere I searched online I read statements like these: “You have to start contortion when you’re like 6.” “If you’r...

Hula Hooping Music Playlists – 2017

Hello Hoopers!  Every so often I run out of inspiring music… It sucks when this happens. Seriously. Good music can do AMAZING things to your hooping. So below are a series of monthly playlists that I’ve been creating to help keep up new movements in my hoop dance.   Also check out: Safire on Soundcloud:  Safire Hoop Dance Our Facebook Group:  Hula Hoop City Facebook Group  The Master Playlist: Master Hooping Playlist – Tons of Hoop Dance Songs  Previous Playlists: 2016 Monthly Playlists Much love, Safire June – May – April March – February – January