Month: January 2016

Hooping Clothes and Costume Shop Directory

3rd Earth Fireproof – Male/Female Fireproof Clothing Abstractika Art Work – Women’s Flow Clothing, Jewelry Accentuates Clothing – Women’s Flow Clothing, Stretch and Natural Fabrics Ahniradvanyi – Unisex Leather Bags, Hip Belts, Male and Female Leather Vests Antique Alchemist – Jewelry, Wire Hair Wraps, Hoods, Bustles Aya Wear – Afro-Jamacian Clothing Batikwalla – Wall Art Belles Lotus – Womens Natural Fiber Flow Clothing Carousel Ink – Male/Female Screen Printed Clothing Coquetry Clothing – Male/Female Clothing, Handmade Funky Designs and Patterns Damsel In This Dress – Corsets Dervish – Women’s Flow/Yoga/Dance Clothing Elven Forest Creations – Female Tribal/Elf/Fairy Inspired Clothing Fairies P...

Hula Hooping Music Playlists – 2016

Hello Hoopers!  Every so often I run out of inspiring music… It sucks when this happens. Seriously. Good music can do AMAZING things to your hooping. So below are a series of monthly playlists that I’ve been creating to help keep up new movements in my hoop dance.   Also check out: Safire on Soundcloud:  Safire Hoop Dance Our Facebook Group:  Hula Hoop City Facebook Group  The Master Playlist: Master Hooping Playlist – Tons of Hoop Dance Songs  Much love, Safire 2016 Playlists February 2016   March 2016  April 2016 May 2016 June 2016 July 2016 December 2016