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How to Bullet Journal: Organizing your Life

Hello Hoopers, Ever feel disorganized? Overwhelmed? Like you can’t get your life together? Yeah. I know the feeling. People often think I have my shit together… This article will share one of the many things that I use to help me stay on track. All my life I’ve been obsessed with journals, sketchbooks, and moleskins; I love them all. That tactile experience of picking up a real book with blank pages that are just waiting to be filled with unique and personal expressions. Unfortunately, my ability to purchase journals is much higher than my ability to actually write or draw in them. However, in January a good friend of mine introduced me to the concept of Bullet Journaling a...Read More

10 Best Hoop Tricks for Performers

Hello Hoopers and aspiring hoop performers, Often times new performers ask me “what are the best hoop tricks to include in a hoop act?” As I finish up the video editing for my online hoop dance performance training on, this article will be one of several I’ll be sharing on the topic of becoming a hoop dance performer. In general over all my years of performance I always come back to the same key moves. Below are my top 10 suggestions for moves you should consider putting in your choreography as they always get a great reaction from audiences! Keep in mind that this advice is geared towards hoopers putting together a professional act that they intent to pi...Read More

First Hoop Videos on YouTube – Hooping History

Hello Hoopers!  This is the first article I’m posting on the topic of Hooping History. As hoop dance becomes more and more popular, I think it would be neat to share how hoop dance began and how it has progressed over the years.   Everyday there are more and more hoop videos posted online; several on YouTube and even more on Facebook and Instagram. It wasn’t always like this though. There was a time when a new hoop video was a RARE thing and hoopers all around the world would collectively freak the hell out when someone took the time to film and post a brand new video. This article idea came up during an online Skype session with one of my hoop dance teacher training students. Wh...Read More

DIY Hooping Clothes

Hello hoopers! Is your closet filled with hooping clothes? If not, this post will help you bust out in style! It’s that time of year again and soon many of us will be dancing around in the wild with tons of other crazy peeps enjoying some summer festivals. Half the fun of attending music festivals is getting the chance to play dress up!! Wearing crazy outfits and fun hooping clothes is a great way to express yourself at festivals. As I prepare for this summer I thought it would be great to share my top favourite DIY clothing and costuming tutorials. Check ’em out below, get together with your girlfriends and set up a night where you all hang out, get crafty, and have fun! If you&...Read More

Hooping Tutorial: How to Break down Hoop Tricks

In this video tutorial I’ll share my tips for breaking down and learning a hoop trick. If you’d like access to more hoop videos and tutorials check out my YouTube Channel. Also check out my Free Online Hoop Class on Much love,  Safire

Awesome Apps for Hula Hoopers

    Hello Hoopers, Over the past few months I’ve come across some great apps for filming, editing, and sharing hoop videos and photos. These apps have made sharing hoop videos easy and fun to do. Below is a collection of some of my most favourite and useful hoop sharing apps!  If you know of another unique app that can help hoopers connect and share their hooping with the world, feel free to post the name and a link to the app below!  Especially if you know of great Android apps! Much love, Safire   INSTAGRAM iPhone  |  Android Basically if you’re not on Instagram, you are missing out my friend. There is a HUGE hoop community there and I do find browsing videos on ...Read More

Beginner Hooping Tutorial – Jump Through

Want to be able to jump through even the smallest of hoops? Follow these guidelines and you’ll be able to jump through anything and everything!

16 Ways to Maintain your Hoop Practice

Hello Hoopers, Have you ever felt stagnant in your hoop practice? Ever felt like you’ve hit a wall and don’t know what to do next? Do you find yourself doing the same moves over and over all the time? Has the original luster of hooping wore off and you don’t hoop nearly as often as you used to? Not to worry, we all go through phases like this. Some phases are more common at certain times or for certain hoopers. For example, typically there are walls that hoopers will find where suddenly you feel stumped. You’re not learning new things, you don’t know what to do next, and things feel a bit ‘off’. Hoopers with several years of experience behind them ar...Read More

Hooping TED Talks

Hello Hoopers, Have you ever wanted to do a TED Talk? If you have; you can imagine how scary of an experience it might be. Do you know what you would say? If you were invited to provide a TED Talk, what would you want to share the most with the world about hooping? Much love, Safire In a world where we are consistently pressured into adapting to a role that makes us fit into society, many people struggle to find a balance between work and play. But don’t we only start to love living life when we find a reason to get out of bed in the morning, not because we have to, but because we want to? In this talk I’m going to share with you my biggest passion − the Hula Hoop. Theresa Rose s...Read More

Beginner Hooping Tutorial – The Helicopter

Already know The Helicopter?  Go right to 4:12 in the video to see an advanced variation on how to get an extra spin in the front as you pass your hoop. I made a tutorial for this move years ago in 2008, it was one of the first tutorial I had ever made. As I’m re-filming ALL my online hooping classes right now, I thought it would be nice to post the updated version of this trick.

Hooping Music Playlists

Hello Hoopers! Every so often I run out of inspiring music… It sucks when this happens. Seriously. I end up listening to the same songs over and over and my hoop jams not only get repetitive but sometimes I even get bored. It’s AMAZING what good music can do for a hoop jam out and I’ve decided that I need to fix this problem in my practice. I have made it a plan to make myself playlists on a regular basis so that my practice doesn’t suffer due to my poor efforts in music selection. Not only will having fresh music help with jam sessions but music is a powerful memory trigger. How great is when song comes on and suddenly you have a flash of memories of a certain time i...Read More

How long can you hula hoop for?

  When you get into hooping it’s only a matter of time before someone comes up to you and asks you this question. STRANGER: “How long can you hula hoop for?” ME: “Do you mean waist hooping or hoop dancing? If you just mean hula hooping on your waist, man, I could probably keep a hoop going till I fell asleep!” 🙂 Satisfied with the answer they walk away. In the last few years though, I’ve been asking this question of myself in much broader terms. I mean honestly, “how long CAN I hula hoop for?” I don’t worry about this much in terms of age or physical health but more in terms of personal interest. As I approach my 10 year Hoopiversary this...Read More

How to pick an LED Hula Hoop

Hello Hoopers! So you want to buy an LED hula hoop! YAAAAA! Oh it’s exciting! “But wait. WTF? How do I pick one??” There are lots of things to consider when buying an LED hula hoop. Below is a list of questions you should ask yourself before buying. Take some notes as you read through these ideas to help you narrow your options and selections. Keep in mind that LED hula hoops are not indestructible, can sometimes take up to 6 months to arrive and over time you might find your preferences change and you’ll need to upgrade your hoop. We hope these questions help you out so that when your hoop arrives you are happy with your choice and have gotten as close to your perfect LED hoop as possible. ...Read More

If Rachael Lust Spun Staff

I stumbled across this epic video on my Facebook feed earlier today. Take a lot at Chloe’s EPIC staff manipulation. I gotta say… I think we’ve found Rachael Lust’s doppelgänger!!

Hooping Clothes and Costumes

3rd Earth Fireproof – Male/Female Fireproof Clothing Abstractika Art Work – Women’s Flow Clothing, Jewelry Accentuates Clothing – Women’s Flow Clothing, Stretch and Natural Fabrics Ahniradvanyi – Unisex Leather Bags, Hip Belts, Male and Female Leather Vests Antique Alchemist – Jewelry, Wire Hair Wraps, Hoods, Bustles Aya Wear – Afro-Jamacian Clothing Batikwalla – Wall Art Beast Wares – Male/Female Shiny/Sparkly Hoodies, Pants, Cowls, Dresses Belles Lotus – Womens Natural Fiber Flow Clothing Carousel Ink – Male/Female Screen Printed Clothing Charm Performance – Women’s Dance/Flow/Yoga Clothing, Bodysuits Coque...Read More

Hoop Dance Retreats

Attending one of the many hoop dance retreats, fire dance festivals, or juggling conventions can be a great way to expand your skills, develop new interest in other props, and make new friends! There are a range of different events to attend, some provide the option of camping while other have cabins and provide food and everything! Some of the these events have been running for years while some are brand new. Keep checking back to this page in the future as new events are created and added to the map all the time. Use the interactive map below to find an annual event near you. Click on the website link provided to find out more information about that specific event. Hoop Dance Retreats Mult...Read More

How to Make a Hula Hoop

There are a lot of different ways how to make a hula hoop, in the end it all depends on the kind of hula hoop you want. Whether it is collapsible, a sectional, or a tandem hula hoop, these tutorials below will help you get started. Check back to this page every so often as we update the content with new tutorials, ideas, and resources on how to make your own hula hoops. Why do hoopers tend to make their own hula hoops or buy them off a hoop maker? Because regular dollar store hoops are either too light for a beginner (who needs the extra weight/size of the hoop to help them learn core hooping) OR dollar store hoops are just too flimsy for advanced hoopers who just end up breaking them after ...Read More

How to Make a Hoop Bag

There are a lot of different ways to carry your hoops and several different kinds of Hoop Bags. Hoop bags are great when traveling or flying with hula hoops. How to Make a Hoop Bag Youtube Video: How to make a Hoop Bag How to Make a Hoop Huggie Youtube Video: How to make a Hoop Huggie

Traveling and Flying with Hula Hoops

Flying with Hula Hoops As hoopers we know that when you take that upcoming trip you are going to NEED your hoop. Below are our tips and suggestions for flying with hula hoops so that you don’t have any trouble with the airport authorities, your hoops arrive safe, and you can enjoy your flight stress free. Traveling with a 4 way Collapsible Hoop Easily strapped to the side of a backpack or can also often be brought as carry on. You may still also want to have a bag covering this style of hoop to protect it during travel.* Know that the airline may make the choice to see your hoop as a weapon. So far this is uncommon but there is a chance your hoop may be confiscated as the pointed ends ...Read More

How to Hula Hoop – Hooping FAQs

What is Hooping? Hooping is an emerging form of dance that uses more durable hoops then the popular Wham-O kid toy, the hula hoop. Learning how to hula hoop is just the beginning! Hooping is also often referred to as Hoop Dancing. This movement is growing in popularity by incredible numbers as people pick up the hoop for all kinds of different reasons. Some love it for the childlike memories that is relives, others enjoy the physical connection and enjoy the health and exercise benefits of the hoop. Regardless of what brings you into the hoop, we can all agree that hooping is a fun filled activity that will leave you smiling. The hoop itself has a long history, which pre-dates the 1950s hula...Read More

New Site for Hoopers: Hula Hoop City

If you are new here, then welcome! This site was created after a previous site known simply as “Hoop City”. The original Hoop City was a popular online social networking site for hoopers than ran from 2009 – 2015. In the last of it’s years the company that provided the back end for the site was sold and the site became increasingly difficult to upgrade and functionality was lost. Hoop City lost it’s popularity as Facebook began to offer groups and other mobile networking sites increased in popularity. It is with a heavy heart that the decision was made to close down the existing Hoop City and launch this new site on a different platform. We have had to completel...Read More

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